Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diggin' potatoes!

Charlie and Mary Ella had the best time digging for potatoes on the compound with Grandaddy. Charlie of course loves to work with anything relating to a tractor or a garden and Mary Ella was a pro herself. She would get so excited when she found one under the dirt. She would say..."look I found a pink one!" They were so sweet and made a great summer memory with my daddy. They loaded them up on a trailer when they were done and sat on top for a picture. It was so sweet! Charlie and dadddy plowed just one row and got TONS of potatoes! I think there are eight more rows to go so if you need some potatoes come on out to the compound! I know my daddy will be more than happy to share!


  1. I love this!!!! I wish I could have watched this. She will be talkin about that for weeks!!

  2. That's awesome. Hard workers!

  3. how great!! we have got to come down next week or something!